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I use Karabiner-Elements to remap the useless Caps Lock (it's 2019, if you use Caps Lock it's time for some re-education) into an esc. Can't get easier than that.

You can also set this directly in macOS through System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys…. Of course, if you wan't a more advanced setup where you'd like to use Caps Lock for both ESC and Control, depending on how long you hold the button, or to support the Space Cadet Shift, then Karabiner is indispensable.

Personally, I use Karabiner solely for the remapping keys for my external keyboards to match the macOS key mapping and otherwise use the OS features to do the rest.

Trackpad 3 fingers drag

I cannot live without this feature. I miss it every time I use someone else's Mac for even a brief moment.

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