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Cloud computing services to the FOSS (free open source software) community now available is a recognized, not-for-profit provider of free to use, accessible cloud-hosting services to the free and open source software community.

We exist through the kind donations of the general public and philanthropy of the hosting industry. The project is managed and coordinated by our founding owner, and a group of highly talented volunteers.

We provide virtual private servers, shared mirrors, storage and associated hosting services including domain registration to a diverse range of open source projects including ActivityPub (W3), Manjaro, XFCE, Xubuntu, The GNOME Project, Xiph.Org Foundation and more.

The project runs a large, global open source infrastructure in four countries with more than 6 Gig of transit available which enables us to provide resilient, scalable and professional hosting services that compete with public cloud providers.

You can visit for more information and information on how to apply. Please note that applications take up to 48 hours to process. We cannot accept all applications and attention is required when completing the application form to ensure you provide honest and accurate answers.

Typically projects will receive a virtual machine (or multiple) in each of our regions. All of our locations support IPV4 as standard, however we now support IPv6 in the US.

Please join our IRC channel on freenode #fosshost if considering applying as this is important to ensure that you get a fair outcome

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