Useful sites and apps I've come across while studying web frontend development and web server configuration

Jordan Polaniec on October 16, 2019

Web development is hard. There are seemingly infinite ways to make things work, many of them outdated and no longer useful to the developer because... [Read Full]
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Hi, I'm Thomas who is Japanese and working as a Front-end engineer. I've read your great article!! Now, I wanna translate this into Japanese and share it with my co-workers if you give me a ticket. May I do that? Thank you.


Hello, that sounds nice! I would appreciate it greatly if you could credit me in your translation. Feel free to send me a link to it on Twitter 😊


Hi, I definitely appreciate your acceptance of letting me translate this great article!! I send you the link on Twitter when I translate this perfectly 😊

Send me too I'm a fan of all things Japanese


Thank you for all! Going to check here each point. :)


Thanks for the CSS Dinner, neat way to test your selector skills and learn some new ones.


Great, great, great article!!! I've used several of these tools and sites, so I feel that I'm walking the right way :) I'll try the others to make better things. Thank you a lot.


Good overview of resources, thank you. I'm especially struggling with deployment and understanding exactly what is meant by "configuring a web server", I hope those links will help.


Nice list! There are so many little parts of web development, I'm always finding something I don't know and need to learn about 😅

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