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Francisco  Inoque
Francisco Inoque

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I love the way knowledge is shared in the programming world

Hello guys, today I want to share something with you that I love so much. So ...., I love to read code from other programmers and developers, I like to spend some time reading posts about the best programming practices, that somehow I feel better, sometimes I find myself discussing the code of another developer. And I feel that every time I read how my skills increase, my sense of criticism becomes smarter, how my practices improve and not like that, code from other programmers has served as inspiration for. I confess to you, everything I learned from programming I learned on the web, reading, watching video lessons and always practicing. I realize that there is no way to improve without seeing how others do it, without having feedback from other people, even though they don't know you, but through their codes you will have feedback, and this is what I love in the programming world, the way how knowledge is shared without any restrictions, without selfishness or self-centeredness. There are code projects all over the world, communities forming around technology ... I love it, I love this way of transmitting knowledge. For me, being a software engineer, programmer or developer is very noble. "I love how knowledge is shared in the programming world."

Francisco Inoque.

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