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Thank you, Emma, here in Colombia there is a huge demand for FullStack developers, employers request for different skills and a ton of experience on specific frameworks for different languages. What can you suggest for people like me that are trying to move into WebDev without experience, and with that kind of requirements?


I'll try to give you an answer. First thing is to get your hands dirty, build something even if it's just a replica of a famous web app. Work on fundamentals, this means that your JavaScript knowledge should be as strong as possible.

Build a small app and a small API to support it. It's the best way to learn and get familiar with common problems.

Most of all don't be intimidated by the fact they they require ton of experience. Apply anyway if you have a solid understanding of a tech stack! If they ask for 3 years of experience in JavaScript and you only have 1.. Apply apply apply! I interview people frequently and job postings are mostly recommendations, if you can prove that you're capable a company might hire you anyway...I would!


Thank you, Gabriele, for your reply, I appreciate it.

Absolutely! If you have more questions don't hesitate!

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