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Freek Van der Herten
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★ A package to assign statuses to Eloquent models

Imagine you want to have an Eloquent model hold a status. It's easily solved by just adding a status field to that model and be done with it. But in case you need a history of status changes or need to store some extra info on why a status changed, only adding a single field won't cut it. To handle these cases, our team has created a package called laravel-model-status.

After installing the package you must add the HasStatuses trait to all models that need to have statuses.

You can set a new status like this:

$model->setStatus('my first status');

A reason for the status change can be passed as a second argument.

$model->setStatus('my second status', 'I found a reason');

There are a few options to retrieve the latest status:

$model->status; // returns 'my second status'
$model->status(); // returns the latest instance of `Spatie\ModelStatus\Status`
$model->status()->reason; // returns 'I found a reason'

Of course you can also retrieve the whole status history of a model.

$model->statuses; // returns a collection of all statuses

The package provides a scope to retrieve all models that have a given status.

$allPendingModels = Model::currentStatus('pending');

To know more about the package, head over the the readme on GitHub. The principle author of package is our intern Thomas Verhelst. Be sure to also check out the other Laravel packages our team has previously made.

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