35 Microservices Interview Questions You Most Likely Can't Answer

Alex 👨🏼‍💻FullStack.Cafe on September 16, 2019

A survey by Nginx shows that 36% of enterprises are currently using microservices, while another 26% are doing research on how to implement them. ... [Read Full]
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Thanks for the compilation! I think you have some Redundancy in there: Q4 is Q6, Q3 is Q5. Q15 seems grammatically incorrect.


It's just going for theme consistency: resiliency!


Q15: GraphQL and microservices are a perfect fit
Is this true for backend service - service communication as well?
From my understanding, graphQL is perfect fit for frontend - backend service communication, but, it is better to use binary protocol buffers for back end service - service communication.


Q17 and Q18 answers are misleading. This is not how virtualization works at low level and the one about paravirtualization tell nothing specific to paravirtualization - it talks about the type of hypervisor making use of it instead of describing how different it is from hardware virtualization - where specific drivers are used to avoid performance hit specifically for I/O.


Very thorough, thank you for putting this all together!


Nice. Very nice. This really cleared some doubts in my mind... Thank you very much for sharing this.


Nice list, always like these succinct posts! Just one note, I think you probably meant Martin Fowler rather than Flower 😋


Great article!!!
The only thing I missed was the service mesh pattern/approach


Very helpful and thorough and concise answers to the questions


Damn good! Super helpful definition of concepts, I've learned a lot. Thanks!!!

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