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Discussion on: Decision Time: PHP Framework Dilemma

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Attila Fulop

What I wanted to point out is that we could solve many of the problems without writing a single line of code.

I've been struggling with developers (incl myself) to open their minds and take a fresh look at the requirements without opening the IDE first.

Programmers have an obsession to the code. We should write much less code. Static sites don't necessarily require code (wix, managed wp, etc). Data processing and visualization doesn't require code (AWS Glue, Athena, QuickSight). Many many webshops don't require code (shopify, hosted magento, woocommerce).

I was surprised at my current work how many brilliant things were solved without writing code. It just needed non-programmers in the room.

Back to Laravel: I've been working with Symfony since 2007 and used to say this Laravel bad practice mantra as well. The reason was I never did a single project with Laravel, just opened the Laravel doc saw some static calls, went to some random forums, read ppl ranting about it and called it a day. Then we were kinda forced into a Laravel project and after a few months I've realized I knew nothing about Laravel before.

And then when I saw the new features of Symfony 4 at SymfonyCon in 2017 I was nodding because quite a few were concepts existing in Laravel. Dotenv, FQCN as service name in the DI container, Interface binding to implementation, class name based injection, the updated folder structure just to name a few.

We should be much more pragmatic about our profession and be less obsessed with the choice of technology.

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Martin Poirier Théorêt

Yes you are right about using tools that are not related too coding. He does it by using wordpress (pantheon offer and self hosted solution) and it would be worth to expand those solution with the tools you mention. Having a few tools predetermined for some use case to pick from is a good idea and evaluate where the project will go and the plan if it need to grow is the way to go. I am personally only working on project that is worth using symfony it's more a "if you could do it with word press or shopify, (or something else) go for it since it's the best solution but this is not what I do/work on."

For the laravel point I have been force to work with Laravel (version 4.*) and mhy opinion didn't change. I do agree that Symfony did bring some feature from Laravel, I think they did it better, but we could look at it another way Angular2 was doing injection with FQCN detection on service, did they do it before Laravel ? (I honestly don't know and don't care really) my point is that everything is getting better (I do hope so) and it's hard to know who did it first but having some serious competition help to push things further.