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They did it! Stack overflow has a dark mode!

fultonbrowne profile image Fulton Browne ・1 min read

FINALLY just like I asked for (can't find the comment but I did ask for it)


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I'm a bit biased but I highly recommend reading Aaron's blog post about implementing dark mode on SO: stackoverflow.blog/2020/03/31/buil...

Also, this:


See how far politely asking can get you, but speaking of asking, add a way to let customize colors, maybe custom background colors / textcolors, with some picking UI? XD

(JK, maybe)


@pp is already is kind of sometimes that we have to support these themes at all. I don't know if I could get buy-in for fully custom backgrounds and text colors. 😋


The shadow release is that they've also moved their backend to. NET Core: