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Discussion on: SQL: Where spaces may not matter

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Curtis Maloney

I have to ask... which DBMS did you try this with?
Intrigued, I tested your sample 'x' = 'x ' query on Postgres 10.4 and it did not match.

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Antony Garand Author

MySql, MSSql and oracle work from my experience

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Martín Marqués

I'd be more than surprised if Oracle would not distinguish 'admin' from 'admin ' on insert, but I don't have an Oracle server handy to test. I can assure that this doesn't happen with Postgres (tested on 9.4 - 10)

Very interesting findings. I hope t never bump into issues like that :)

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Antony Garand Author

I'm not that familiar with Oracle but based on this sqlFiddle, I can confirm to you that this does work:!4/c0be1c/19813

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Ross Henderson

Ran in Oracle SQLDev:

    if 'admin' = 'admin ' then dbms_output.put_line(1);
    else dbms_output.put_line(0);
    end if;

Result: 1

It is correct that Oracle automatically trims leading and trailing spaces.

Edit: I should mention that this is on 18.2