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re: I use the awesome and very complete integrated firefox bookmark manager tool to classify and tag my bookmarks.

Yes, Firefox has the most convenient in-browser solution for storing bookmarks.
If it's not a secret, what is your approach to structuring the collection? Do you have a lot of bookmarks or only the necessary set?


I have a set of folders, which are generic categories ("Projects", "Articles and talks", " Tutorial and guides") under an "IT" category (I have some other bookmarked content).

I bookmark most articles and projects I find useful, and set tags on them.

I have language tags (basically, "language-", such as "language-rust"), domain tags ("web", " accessibility", "software", " system", etc) and some other random category tags.

The biggest issue, and the reason I decided to go for this workflow, is that I reached a point where I had a ton of random unsorted bookmarks, which were hard to browse, especially since I had them all randomly organized.

Great approach 👍 thanks for sharing!
I'm sure that all of your bookmarks are in good hands.
I have the same problem you've mentioned, and I'm on my way to a new order)

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