re: Should I go with Python, Java or Ruby in 2018? VIEW POST


I learnt ruby(still learning) because I wanted to learn Discourse. Discourse is the cool(est) kid around the corner in the forum software market with (not the) coolest stack you would hear in 2019. It's built with ruby, postgresql, emberjs, sidekiq, redis etc. Programming language is just a tool and you would go farther if you chose something to solve a purpose rather than focusing on what tool is better. If you're going to be a dev, you'll probably be doing a few things in your career even if you go for a highly multi-purpose programming language. I work with PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL. My suggestion is you should go with a scripting language with less verbosity and good object orientation which brings us to python and ruby. Kotlin, Dart and Swift are good for mobile development these days. Python for ML etc.

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