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My first Back-end Project!

Hello World!

My second project I created using Express.js and MongoDB. I learned a lot and found it really cool being able to create edit and update data on a page I created. It has full C.R.U.D capability and at its essence is a fitness planner. The idea being you can create your workout plan and change the amount of reps or pounds you do for that day. It definitely is a work in progress but I am excited to share what I have learned so far.

One thing I got good at while working on this project was reading warning messages. It made it really easy to catch my bugs faster than in my front end projects that could have bugs anywhere and not display a message. I felt I did not have a good grasp on the concepts until I started implementing them into the app and it sort of clicked with me! And I am excited to show everyone my next project that will include both front end and back end repositories.

For this project I used Handlebars as my views in MVC and am happy to not have to anymore! It was a lot more difficult to understand and get working than just using a front end folder or project and linking them together(which will be my next task!). But overall it was a fun experience and would love feedback from anyone interested in checking out my app!

Thanks for reading!

This is the link to my Github Repo!

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