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Discussion on: Which JavaScript frameworks are worth learning in 2021?

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Gabriel Laroche (he/they)

I think Vue is the way to go! Before Switching jobs and using Vue, I (or more specifically my previous employer) was using React + Next.JS and it was great, bot of these are powerful and get the job done, but I feel like the react documentation is lacking and for a while when hooks came about, our projects had a mishmash of class components and hook functions, devs who knew both or only one or the other and it was really disorganized. That might not be entirely React's fault, but it sure didn't help. But for the last four months I've been using Vue+Nuxt and I really really like it! I feel like the styleguide is well constructed and respected, the way you can easily seperate or integrate Template, logic and styles is impeccable and the state management and reactiveness is a lot less painful. There are obviously some weird quirks like in any framework/library, but overall I think Vue is a great framework and fits better with my coding style.

However, I do prefer Next.js over Nuxt. Next feels more mature and more powerful than Nuxt, but they are both great! :)

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