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re: Important to mention that, although it looks cleaner, easier to read and everything, mainly for new developers, using async/await may trick you int...

I don't really agree with this. You can make the same mistake with promises or async/await. You can still chain the promises instead of calling them in parallel


You surely can. My point here is not to confuse new devs making them think one replaces the other, because it doesn't. They are two tools you can combine to make the best out of your async flows.
Good post, by the way!

tbh I tend to get a little weird with parallel promises and combine destructuring, await, and Promise.all():

const [val1, val2, val3] = await Promise.all(promise1(), promise2(), promise3())

kinda gross, but personally I prefer it to returning to promise chains

Yeah, I do that myself (I don't think that's gross at all). That's the combination I think makes sense: we get the benefits of async/await without giving up the parallelism.

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