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Maximizing Your Job Search Resources: Tips and Supports

Recently, I have noticed numerous LinkedIn posts regarding job redundancies. As someone who has experienced this situation a few times in my career, I would like to share some tips to help you in your search for a new role. Please keep in mind that these suggestions are specifically geared towards the Australian job market.

Why did you leave your previous role?

It's important to understand that the redundancy affected your role. The company's decision to discontinue the role was due to circumstances beyond your control and does not reflect on your performance in that role. Simply put, the role itself is no longer needed.

A common response to the question "What happened to your previous role at [company name]?" could be, "The role I held at [company name] was made redundant due to changes in the business environment. My current focus is to secure my next opportunity and continue my career growth." This concisely explains the situation and emphasizes your forward-looking perspective.

Preparing Your Tools and Supports

In your job search, you have access to various resources.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Some companies offer confidential counselling services through an EAP program. You can check with your HR department to see if your company subscribes to one of these programs. You are going through a big change to your life

LinkedIn: Reach out to former coworkers and business partners. They have their own professional networks and may know of job openings that match your skills and experience. Make sure to connect with them on LinkedIn, even if you did not previously do so. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile reflects the key points in your resume. You may have several resumes tailored to various positions but your LinkedIn profile should also echo these points.

Placement Services: Depending on your employer, you may be eligible for placement services that can help you update your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and negotiate salaries. This can be especially useful if you have been with the same company for a long time, as the recruitment process can change over time.

Professional Headshot: In certain industries, a professional headshot serves as a visual representation of your personal brand. With LinkedIn being a primary platform for job search and self-promotion, a professional headshot can help you stand out from other candidates and show that you take your work seriously. According to LinkedIn's own research, profiles with a professional headshot receive 21 times more views compared to those without.

A 30-second "elevator pitch": is a concise summary of your experience and skills. It gives recruiters a quick overview of who you are. Crafting a well-prepared pitch in advance can help you present yourself in a professional and succinct manner, effectively communicating the information you want to share.

A 60-second "elevator pitch": can be a crucial aspect of a job interview. The question "So, tell me about yourself" is frequently asked by 80% of interviewers, making it an excellent opportunity to highlight your most valuable skills and accomplishments. To make a strong impression, it's crucial to tailor your response to the target audience, showcasing information that aligns with their interests and the needs of the role. Your pitch should be concise and attention-grabbing, with a duration of between 30-60 seconds. Speak with confidence and allow your pitch to naturally flow before bringing your answer to a close.

Resume: Your resume may not accurately reflect your current skills and career goals. It's essential to update it to reflect the person you are today and the type of roles you are interested in pursuing. Rewriting your resume is the best way to achieve this. You can choose to hire a professional resume writer or use one of the many available online services like TopResume, Novoresume, or Zety to create a new resume. Make sure to customize your resume for the target market to increase its impact. A well-written resume should be brief and focused (3 pages or less), highlighting the key skills relevant to your desired role. An easy-to-read resume that directly addresses the selection criteria of the role can make the hiring decision easier and increase your chances of advancing to the next stage. You should have a core resume and then use it as a foundation to tailor your resume for other roles.

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