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Muver App for RideShare and Delivery Services Raises $1.2 Million From Baring Vostok for Scaling in the US Market

Professional Delivery and RideShare Drivers Can Now Manage Multiple Streams of Income Using One Application

CLAYMONT, DE — September 16, 2021, Gig Partners, Inc. (the “Company”), a technology company behind the Muver app, announced today that they secured funding of $1.2 million from Baring Vostok, Xploration Capital, and others with a valuation of $8 million. Muver is an app that combines delivery and rideshare apps into one for increased profitability as well as the convenience and safety of drivers.

As ridesharing continues to be an important part of the economy, and delivery of meals, medicines and other products is becoming more of a demand, the need for faster, reliable service is increasing. At the same time, drivers providing these services are depending on these businesses to support their lifestyles as well as their families. That is why it is essential for drivers not to miss opportunities that are available to them in their area.

Muver makes it possible to organize various driving services and not miss profitable opportunities. Muver is an application for professional delivery and rideshare drivers that allows them to combine all of their business apps into one location. Once downloaded onto the driver’s phone, Muver will consolidate the apps of the driver’s choosing, including Uber Driver, Lyft Driver, Postmates, Doordash, and Grubhub into one location.

To get off the ground, Muver used a common practice for early-stage companies known as bootstrapping: getting a lot done on very little cash. To do this, they employed GamesBoost42 to help with marketing funding. Muver didn’t have to wait 30 days to get payments from the app stores and was able to reinvest money into their marketing at 2x speed, growing their audience and attracting investors with their impressive numbers.

According to the CBDO of GamesBoost42, Andrew Postnikov

“GamesBoost42 is supporting both projects that are just starting out and well-established companies needing a marketing push. Scaling is very important in today’s world and we are here to provide capital for it”

GamesBoost42 has been instrumental in funding Muver’s growth .

GamesBoost42 afforded us the possibility to use the needed money for marketing and increase our marketing leverage and grow our user base faster ,” says Stanislav Levykin, CEO of Gig Partners Inc.

The ridesharing and delivery business is a booming enterprise. According to, 93 million people used Uber just within the last quarter of 2020 and Uber drivers completed 4.98 billion trips in 2020. During that timeframe, Uber Eats increased revenues by over 200 percent. Additionally, the rideshare service, Lyft serves millions of commuters in the US and Canada. With a valuation of over $26 billion, Lyft is the second-largest ride-hailing platform in the US in terms of volume.

“Uber had been the leader for about the past five years, but now the playing field is balancing out. Today there is a more diversified market,”  says Stanislav Levykin.  “Throughout this growing market, we found that there is a segment of drivers who use several applications in their work, (Grubhub, Doordash, Lyft, Uber, etc.), that causes them to use their hands to change and view their other apps. Although drivers can make more money using various apps, this causes unsafe distractions while driving.”

With Muver, drivers can set parameters across all ridesharing and delivery apps such as what orders they will accept within a certain distance. The driver no longer has to switch back and forth through multiple apps to see if a customer wants their service. It is all under one location so the driver can focus on safely driving while picking up more business. Drivers using Muver have increased their earnings by at least 30 percent by lowering their idle mileage. Muver makes the process seamless so drivers can focus on getting more rides and deliveries and making more money!

About Gig Partners, Inc.:

Gig Partners, Inc. is a technology company that makes apps that simplify both business and life activities.

About GamesBoost42:

GamesBoost42 is a division of GamesUp42, an international group of companies that offer a full range of services in the mobile app sector, including game development and graphic design, payment and financial management, marketing data analytics, advertising and publishing, and other services.

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