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I built a tool to Crosspost my blog to, Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter in one click

This blog is about how I built a Micro-SaaS product for the problem statement that I have been facing for quite some time.

Before getting into the explanation about the tool and the intention behind it. let me give you a quick into about myself. I am a developer who is interested in blogging and sharing my technical knowledge with the community.

I started blogging when becoming popular and a lot of developers were inspired to write at least one article a week on platforms. I am one of them. I started writing on consistently. Every week, I publish at least one article.

As a result,

Alt Text

Everything started with and being consistent about publishing a blog per week on this platform. It gave me a lot of opportunities such as paid writing gigs, job opportunities, and meetup talks.

My workflow at that time was, I write an article on my personal site and Crosspost it to Medium, with the content(by providing canonical URL to avoid duplicate content). Then, share the blog URL across Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Reddit. It gave me a good amount of traction and visitors.

Alt Text

Over a while, I find myself repeating the same task of Crossposting the content again and again to several social platforms and it was a time-consuming process.

Even though it was giving me more traction and audience engagement. I was spending more time on marketing and distributing my content than writing quality articles. As a developer, i wanted to avoid this repetitive work and automate this process.

That's how my product came into the picture. i wanted a simple solution where a blogger/any content creators can share their content to social platforms from one place in one click.

If you've been facing this problem or have any feedback improve the product. feel free to reach out to me.

Checkout the Product

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