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Discussion on: Why Warren Buffett would invest in PHP (and you should too)

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I see what you mean in the sense that you should focus your efforts to expand your skillset towards where the jobs are plentiful and valuable. But I can't help but feel like "investing" in any language is sort of missing the point for advancing your career. Expanding your knowledge of clean code concepts, learning how to piece together complex modules and APIs, architect and engineering practices, those are what's really important for advancing and staying employed, and those are all language agnostic. Although I tend to avoid employers that look for "(x language) developers".

Great write up with tons of sources and information though.

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anastasionico Author

Hi Garrett, Thanks for your kind comment.
I am 100% agree with what you are saying.
But at the same time, when I searched for a job I've always specifically looked for PHP position and I am glad to have done it, because (in my humble opinion) otherwise I would have been ending up on PHP, then Perl, then Nodejs job without "mastering" any of them.

I am still far from the "master" level but I reckon that coding professionally in the same language for years is helping me day by day achieving my goal.

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Manda Putra

👍, i would consider to learn and master 2 - 3 language, for career change its promising. PHP is good, i still dont know why we got so many language, but yeah... Its programming