re: I am quitting my Job as a Project Co-ordinator to pursue my passion as a developer. Am I doing the right thing? VIEW POST


I will just say that it's never too late to switch career (or at least it should never be). I'm a junior developer (since only one year) and I'm 32. Before that I was a simple factory worker during almost 12 year, a job which was just to put food on the table, not a passion as you may guess...
So at 30, just after the birth of my third child, I just could not take it anymore, I took back my studies to become a developper.

Of course it wasn't a big risk because I was leaving for a job with a better pay, and with a lot of opportunities (at least here in France), but if I was successful at 30 with three kids under my care there is no reason for you to be to old for this... ;)


It's not that hard (I don't say it's totally easy either). Of course it is for being an expert, but to be just good enough to work in a company (and making constant progress as you work) it's less impressive that it seems at first sight.

So honestly, I'm happy to be an inspiration but everybody can do it.

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