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Mental Health Resources for developers

Here's a project I began a few weeks ago. It's a website to help developers improve their mental health, and find help if they're currently depressed or anxious.

Depression and anxiety are taboo topics. There's hardly any posts mentioning those terms here. Yet 300 million people around the world experience depression. I assume some of those are developers. I assume some might even be here.

To begin you can take the Burns Depression Test. It's a quick way to answer 25 questions and see how bad (or good) you're doing. If you're moderately or severely depressed, please ask for help.

There's a link in the home page to a podcast episode called "How to ask for help". There's also a list of books I've found helpful for dealing with my own depression.

The project is half baked and not finished at all. I don't even have a domain name yet. But I'd rather share it how, than wait until it's finished.

If you need help, write me. I'll see what I can do.

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