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I tried using digital note taking (apps and tabs and what not) but I keep going back to carrying a notebook with me and writing it down. It seems like, once I've written down points which I believe to be main from an article, I remember it and generally don't forget it. I may need to revisit it someday (I have revisited obviously) but I will always have some idea on what I've read.


I've also got a notebook that I carry around with me and I use to take notes more broadly. I find pen & paper to be my most useful note-taking tool by far, but I run into issues when I'm reading something on my phone when I'm out and about and don't have my notebook with me, or when I want to take note of a specific code or more technical concepts that are cumbersome to write down by hand.


In such cases, I tend to save the article to Pocket. Then on weekends when I'm reading from Pocket I write down the notes. Revises the knowledge.

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