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re: Thank you so much for those articles, Fp-ts has done a lot to increase my speed everyday at work! I'm struggling to figure what this would look li...

This is what sequenceT is doing under the hood (when specialized to getValidation(getSemigroup<string>()) + three validations)

function specializedSequenceT(
  firstValidation: Either<NonEmptyArray<string>, string>,
  secondValidation: Either<NonEmptyArray<string>, string>,
  thirdValidation: Either<NonEmptyArray<string>, string>
): Either<NonEmptyArray<string>, [string, string, string]> {
  // Applicative instance for `Either<NonEmptyArray<string>, A>`
  const V = getValidation(getSemigroup<string>())

  // builds a tuple from three strings
  const tuple = (a: string) => (b: string) => (c: string): [string, string, string] => [a, b, c]

  // manual lifting, check out the "Lifting" section in "Getting started with fp-ts: Applicative"
  return V.ap(V.ap(V.map(firstValidation, tuple), secondValidation), thirdValidation)

function validatePassword(s: string): Either<NonEmptyArray<string>, string> {
  return pipe(
    specializedSequenceT(minLengthV(s), oneCapitalV(s), oneNumberV(s)),
    map(() => s)

Ohhhh, okay, the tuple of results is what you apply to. Thank you so much for your answer!
(And yes, going back to the applicative article right now 😉)

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