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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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Gonzalo Chacaltana • Edited

Hi Manuel, thank you for sharing your experience with the Layr library. Because it is a library developed in typescript, it fits well with applications that use javascript (on the front-end), but do we necessarily have to have a backend environment that uses Node.JS? Will there be any downsides for applications using a horizontal server-level architecture? Or does a one-to-one architecture work better? Finally, I think we do not escape the headache :) of Web APIs to expose services to external systems. Thanks greetings.

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Manuel Vila Author

Hi Gonzalo!

Yes, for now, Layr exists only in the JavaScript world, so Node.js is required in the backend.

About horizontal deployment, the backend being stateless, there is no problem. It can even be deployed in a serverless infrastructure such as AWS Lambda.