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Discussion on: 5 reasons why scrum/agile is not working for you! From the view of an developer

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"As a PO and SE/Lead I enjoy knowing the tech. It requires humility and a constant questioning of which decisions are based in ego or laziness and which are customer focused, but at the end of the day, I'm able to understand my team's situation and accurately convert those situations to my clients for clear expectations to be set."

I agree with this 100%.

From my experience as a SE/Lead and PO, I think it's good to have a PO with some dev experience. Even, if only at a high-level. It's that kind of PO that will be able to see all sides clearly, which is imperative.

Also, I think it largely depends on the person leading. I understand tech but I also don't have the ego to think I know all the answers. That's not my style. If anything, I lead the discussion, ask questions and count on my team to lead with the dev solutions. I make sure that those solutions fall inline with the scope and the needs of the end customer and client. Scrum / Agile is all about open communication and the knowledge that there is a balance between roles.

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