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How to save your UpWork connects? What kind of job should you ignore in Upwork?
If you are in Upwork you will be familiar with connects. Freelancers need connects to apply for freelance jobs. Upwork Connects are just like coins that are necessary to submit job proposals. Upwork Connects also limit the number of jobs a freelancer can apply for in a month. Up to now, freelancers get 60 connects free each month but the Upwork connects policy has been changed and the connects are paid. Details of their pricing are given in their community blog. Freelance jobs are of 1 to 6 connects depending on the scope of the job. Now freelancers have to buy Upwork connects for 0.15$ each. A freelancer will lose his connects if he applies for a freelance job and the client hires another freelancer. But if the client doesn’t hire anyone then he will get his connects back. So, freelancers have to think more than once before applying for a freelance job.

In this article, we will discuss the points which you have to keep in mind before applying for the job if you want to save Upwork connects. So read carefully and keep the points in mind.

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