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David Geirola
David Geirola

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Edit XML in Scala in a FP way

Hi guys , i'm new here and this in my first post!

I'm here because i'd like to share with you a small project i realized for my company due the difficulties and boilerplates found using Scala XML library's API.

I hope that someone can contribute to it.



  • Append, Remove, Replace XML nodes
  • Edit node's attributes
  • Read XML handling optionality and mandatory nodes and attributes
  • Convert XML into Object and viceversa
  • Normalize XML
  • Convert Java Document to Scala NodeSeq


import com.github.geirolz.advxml.all._
import scala.xml._
import scala.util._

//import MonadError instance for Try
import cats.instances.try_._

val doc: Elem =
 <Person Name="Mimmo">
   <Car Brand="Fiat"/>

val rule = $(_ \ "Person" \ "Cars")
 ==> Append(<Car Brand="Lamborghini"/>)
 ==> Append(<Car Brand="Ferrari"/>)
 ==> Append(<Car Brand="Bmw"/>)

val result: Try[NodeSeq] = doc.transform[Try](rule)
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I hope this small project can help someone in desperation with Scala XML library

Let me know what you think about it :)

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