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Introducing Gelato Ops: Web3’s Multi-Chain Smart Contract Automation Hub


  • Gelato Ops enables web3 developers to automate tasks via an easy-to-use interface
  • Example use cases that are already live include: harvesting yield vaults every day, paying out rewards daily, topping up contract balances, or petting Aavegotchis every 12 hours
  • 0% fees until the end of 2021

Using Gelato Ops, developers can input the contract address and function they want to automate, when they want to automate it, and how they will pay for it. Having submitted this information as a “task”, it will be picked up by Gelato Executors and executed at the right time. Developers can monitor past transactions, manage their budget, and debug their tasks. Payments can be in the network token (ETH, MATIC, or FTM) and soon with other tokens, including DAI or USDC.

Successful Gelato Ops Beta

Gelato Ops is already in use by some of the most innovative projects in DeFi, NFTs, and gaming:

  • QiDAO for harvesting rewards and compounding them daily
  • B.Protocol for executing arbitrage trades
  • Unicly for creating and distributing daily rewards to stakers
  • Parcel for automating salary payouts for DAOs
  • Staking Facilities for topping up different addresses once they go below a certain threshold
  • ETHA Lend for harvesting their vaults
  • GotchiCare for petting Aavegotchi NFTs every 12 hours

Plus many more awesome projects…

Instead of manually triggering functions or having to build and monitor their own bot infrastructure, developers can rely on Gelato Ops to automate any arbitrary task on most EVM-based blockchains. Gelato Ops will be live on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, and Arbitrum — with more networks to come.

Check out the video on YouTube and read the tutorial on how you can create tasks on the Gelato Ops.


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