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How to send money on emails using "MOMP Network"

Greetings everyone,

Brief about "MOMP"

"MOMP" (Money Over Mail Protocol) provides a mechanism for sending money to email addresses on top of decentralized network. MOMP itself is a set of rules (Protocol) originally created by "Jeevanjot Singh" and currently implemented by Learn more about "MOMP" from the document

Process for sending money using "MOMP Network"

You need a supported web wallet to perform any operation at, Currently supported wallet is Superhero and you can add it on your browser from extension marketplace, For e.g. Chrome browser wallet extension

First Steps:

  • Go to and look for permissions. If you are agree then approve the access from your wallet for momp network. momp network
  • After you approve, The basic information starts to load in the background and you will receive a notification once it's loaded. It may take some time depending on the current network response time.

You can start filling the information on the stepper fields until data loads.

Momp network

After that:

  • You can fill the details, e.g. form 1 momp network form 2 momp network

On first step's first field you can add your Name or Email. If you add your email then you will receive a copy of the email that will be sent to the receiver.

  • Click on "send" and check for confirmation logo appeared by your wallet. If you agree then you can proceed to confirm and this will send the money from the smart contract to the verified email address's public key and an email will be delivered to the receiver's email address of transaction. send from momp network tx for verified email

If the email is not verified then the money will remain on smart contract and an email will be sent to the sender with an option to verify their email on the network (without exposing their email address) and claim their money into their personal wallet.


  • In this process neither sender nor receiver will ever need to expose their email on the public blockchain network.
  • If you had sent money to wrong email addresss that cannot be verified then you can claim your money back after expiration date. You can read more on claiming back your unclaimed amount here (To be updated)...

Learn more about this protocol from this document (AKA white paper)


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