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That's pretty complex...
Everyone is different, in everything... in learning too.

For me, videos are bad... can't stand how fast people use to teach through videos.
An example... Wes Bos... It's pretty useless for me.
Too fast
Explaining while doing, without any theory or real explanations
So cool, so useless!
(he's really good with his work... he's nice and a good developer)

But it's all a matter of preferences.
I love to learn theory while doing work and we all need TO BUILD!

Most of the books without any exercise at the end of every chapter, are not well done books.

(Keep in mind that books are expensive sometimes... and subjects are really fast changing nowadays. Books won't get updated!)

If you've to learn something to get the work done, in some days... you need to learn the needed subject or library, and that can be complicated with books.
You need to skip most of the theory and go straight to the core of what you need.
In this case, videos can be very good.
But still you're memorizing and not really learning.
(I use an online Code school that I really like to learn... but of course, they're not going to cover every possible subject)


I agree with you! The most important aspect is building, breaking and fixing projects.

For short uni projects videos do the job but this time I need to get more in-depth.



you've to go both.

Learning from books and code a lot.
Videos are good tools not only for tutorials, but also for coding video, where you can check how good coders work.

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