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Which are the best credit repair software for 2020?

george_defo profile image George mathew Updated on ・2 min read

Research shows us that around 1 in 5 customers face credit report errors that can badly affect their credit scores.

These problems can be caused by simple problems like typos or big issues like someone stealing your identity. A good credit report helps you get some inspiration for you.

Identity thefts are increasing more and more with many transactions happening online. The mistakes in the credit report can spoil your ability to successfully get credit.

Personal Credit Repair Software

With personal credit repair software many of these issues have an easy fix. You can easily find and correct mistakes in your report.One of the best tools doing your own personal credit restoration Credit Repair Magic

It is just $97 for a one time fee. You can manage credit repair for your family and friends as well at no extra charge.

These types of programs access credit reports online and help track and manage dispute letters
As an individual it can be tough navigating the credit repair but this tool will prove very useful.

Professional Credit Repair Software for Businesses

You’re an individual that is looking to help consumers with credit problems on a broader scale, you could look into software that has a much bigger customer relationship management capability.

Below are a few software that were created for people that run credit repair businesses.

Credit Admiral
This software has the capability to add unlimited users. The automation adds to the ease-of-use of the software. You can automate letters to send to the credit agencies as well as automate billing for your clients. There is a monthly fee which starts at $199 a month.

Turbo score
Turbo Score lets you handle a number of things like late payments, access public records, make inquiries, inquire about taxes and collections. These results are converted to easy to understand charts and graphs. With a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied for any reason you can ask for a refund.

Credit Repair Cloud — $179-$599 per month.
Credit repair cloud was founded in 2002.
This software is great for entrepreneurs that are looking to get into the credit repair industry as well as for established companies. They offer a few different plans with the cheapest starting at $179/month. There are customizable addons with each plan

Here’s a full list of tools you can compare.

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