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You and a friend need to share a toy:

  1. You ask a friend if he can play with the toy.

  2. Your friend asks you if you actually asked him for the toy.

  3. You tell your friend that you asked for that toy.

  4. He gives you the toy.


  1. Your friend throws a toy at you and walks away.

Well, maybe it's your friend. And it's probably s ball.


I have a five year old. There is nothing beyond this that should be added. You're fantastic. Do you have a five year old? Because this is spot on.



  1. Your friend keeps throwing the toy at you until you explicitly say that you got the toy.

Maybe a more accurate description will be:
Your friend throws a toy at your direction thinking that it will hit you eventually and walks away.


You're explaining it to a five year old. The less nuance the better.

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