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Great post!

I am new to these concepts and I like to know some things!

  1. Each enviroment (dev, test, stage) is a different computer (with its own database, its own code)?

  2. Can I use a docker container for each of these envs?

  3. If I use docker, can I use differents env in ONE docker container? Or I have to separate in several containers?

Sorry if the question are dumbs!

Thank you very much!


Hi Germán! Great questions.

  1. Not necessarily. More than one environment could coexist on the same computer, but they'd need some separation (code in different folders, served on different ports if it's a web app).

  2. Sure, there's no reason why you couldn't.

  3. I don't know enough about docker to answer that one. I think it would difficult to configure like that, since you want the environments to act independently of each other.

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