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Gerry Cauley
Gerry Cauley

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About Gerry Cauley

Gerry Cauley is a Principal Consultant in the Pace Global – Energy Business Advisory group within Siemens. His work is focused on integration of emerging technologies, including renewables, distributed energy resources, and digital technologies. He advises energy companies on mitigation of extreme risk events, resilience, and cyber security. He also provides expertise on emerging regulatory and compliance issues. Prior to joining Siemens, Mr. Cauley served in Guyana, South America, as part of a consulting group from Manitoba Hydro International, advising the CEO and executive team of the national utility, Guyana Power and Light. Mr. Cauley focused on upgrades to the system control center, distribution feeder outage performance improvements, plans to integrate utility-scale solar facilities, and resource expansion through negotiation of power purchase agreements.

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