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In my experience, not many companies go fully "true" Agile but instead adapt some of the ceremonies and processes to their own needs. Before commiting to Agile, I'd take some time and look at how your company works and why you think you might need Agile.

In broad terms, management tend to like agile because they get lots more insight into the teams progress with both daily standups and the backlog/sprint user stories. Developers have mixed opinions in my experience, with the daily standup becomming a chore if done incorrectly or the stories being over/under developed, not broken down enough etc.

Other ceremonies can help but again it depends on your company. Adding in sprint retrospectives have always seen a net positive in my experience. Taking the time to discuss what went wrong and what went right (and tracking it for next time!) is a great way of incrementally improving everyones experience.

I've also seen demo sessions (or "show and tell") work well too, but this can highly depend on the personalities of your developers. Some love being noticed and appreciated for their work while others hate the attention and want to be left alone! :)

Switching to cross-functional teams can be very useful as well, although there is usually some confusion at first as people settle into the new team, especially with regards to who/when they should communicate with. But communication is generally improved and with that, increased efficiency.

From a personal point of view, I've worked in both waterfall and agile and always prefer the agile approach for it's increased visibility into work, faster communication and quicker turnaround and iteration of work.


I appreciate the response, thank you!

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