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The struggle of a junior web developer with no stable internet

The doomed diary!

november 16, 01:08
Well i would start this blog post by saluting all of you fellas!! but no need for formalities haha
I will just dive in talk to you about my self and my actual situation!!
Well i'm an engineering student 1st year(obviously) and rented this small house(2 bedrooms/kitchen...) but 2 months passed now and our dear internet provider haven't gave us access to the beloved internet...

No worries i got internet but how? Well we hacked a WiFi of a neighbor!! haha un-ethical "DUUUUHHH" but as we guys say "the end justifies the mean" !!

It's only temporary do not judge.

I'll end this by saying that i'll be posting some fast 5-10 minutes articles everyday on my journey to learning symfony 3 framework.

ps:They even cut the net while i was writing this article i had to do it like couple of times :(

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