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Discussion on: Frameworks are Powerful and Awesome and Frightening

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Ghaleb Author • Edited on

One other comment suggested that knowing the fundamentals is important because there might be edge cases. I think your comment is a perfect example of a similar idea.

I will reiterate, here, the same question I asked there:

For the market, do you believe one is better off creating barebone projects with no frameworks or libraries to demonstrate a solid grasp of the fundamentals?

Or is it better to know the basics, invest the time in more complex projects that utilize these tools, and let the interview questions challenge that grasp of the fundamentals?

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A. S. Zaghloul

You can use native language to develop some projects but let those be personal project. It's better not deliver a project with native language with no framework. First, you will take too much time to achieve tasks that your client expect it be quicker to finish and you will find your self behind schedule a lot.