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Discussion on: Mastering Vim grammar

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Good intro, what I like about Vim is that what you learn today will be usefull in 10 years.

Who knows if VS Code, InteliJ, Atom, etc will exist in a couple of years, if they will work the same of they will be available for the same platforms, what you can be sure is that Vim will survive all of us, that will keep working the same and you'll probably find it everywhere.

Is also worthwhile to take a look at Sed and Awk, they have save me a lot of work. Old doesn't mean obsolete nor new means better ;)

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Igor Irianto Author

Agreed. One thing I found appealing to invest time learning Vim is that it is (almost) 30 years old (1991) - 1976 if we're talking Vi. If it's been around that long, there is a really good chance it will be around for another 30 years. Most modern editors are relatively new: VSCode (2015), Atom (2015), Sublime (2008 - a bit older, but nowhere near Vim age).

It'll be interesting to see the editors ecology in 10 years.

Yup, I am actually looking for sed, awk, and Ex resources. One of the principal devs at my work is super pro at awk, and I have been inspired to learn it.