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Discussion on: Productivity 101: Git Aliases for Lazy Developers

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well it depends on the situation, in my case sometimes I do have to login into machines without Bash and as I mentioned, I've typed more in this couple of comments than in a day of commands, I argue that in this case KISS is more relevant to me, to avoid a couple of key-presses is just irrelevant to me. as I said a couple of minutes of coding has a lot more typing than the saved time, also remembering the aliases has a cognitive cost, that again, to me is not worth it, of course if I where a sysadmin and had to repeat the same commands hundreds of times it would probably be different, or if in your case you never have to deal with machines without bash. Almost everything is a trade-off that has to be evaluated case by case; I just wanted to pointed out the other side of the trade-off. And in that note, DRY is also not a universal law, it also carries it's own trade-offs, to evaluate them and take action in a case by case basis is part of our job.