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Discussion on: How do you manage infra costs when you're still small?

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Gijo Varghese

I've faced this problem while building my SaaS product

Static files

Use Netlify if need to deploy some static applications like ReactJS. It's free up to a certain bandwidth

Raw VMs

If you want raw VMs, go for DigitalOcean, which will cost you only $5 per month (lowest plan). On the other side, AWS and Google Cloud gives you 1 year free VM (just one)


Most the cloud providers like AWS, GC, Azure provide serverless functions which provide up to 1 million free requests. That's more than enough

Google App Engine Standard

Google App Engine (standard) lets you deploy a full VM, but the server will be active only if there are requests coming in. If you're not receiving huge traffic, this should be a good option

Startup credit

Almost all cloud providers now offer startup credit which will be around $3000-$10,000 for a year. You could apply for that one too

DigitalOcean - my favorite

If you're just getting started, I would recommend DigitalOcean. It's the cheapest among all cloud providers