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TODO application that dynamically changes the wallpaper as your todo list.

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If you crave for productivity in your life, this application would be a great addition to your arsenal. The primary focus of the application is for anyone to be able to add a task with minimal steps and show them on their home and lock screen.

Yata stands for Yet another TODO application :p
This name is inspired from YACC YARN.

The major problem one would face to get on par with their tasks for the days is to keep track of them. With this application, the action items are always on the home and lock screen so that you don't lose track of them.
The code is open-sourced at Github

You can find the screenshots and application apk in the repository below.

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Yet another Todo Application


Yet another TODO application

Yata - Todo application that dynamically changes your wallpaper. | Product Hunt

Home page


Creating Todo




There is a small roadmap planned

  • Adding users to set preferences about the wallpaper setting.
  • Light Theme.
  • Focus task.
  • Motivational quotes on the wallpaper along with the tasks.

Many more features to come :)

Tech stack:

  • Flutter
  • Firebase

Download link : Here

Please feel free to contribute to the repo :)


Peace ✌🏻,
Rohith Gilla

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