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My first year in code

Hey people, it is my first post on DEV and i am excited!!!!!!

It's been roughly 4 months now since i started coding the web and it has been the most resourceful time of my life.

I had learned some computer science in high school and i loved it a lot compared to the other subjects i was taking, it is also where i got my basic foundation in programming by learning C, C++ and some visual basic...until i graduated and there was no more inspiration or motivation to learn more. Then fast forward, 2 years later about 5 months ago, i'm in the university and i hear about Andela, this company that is hiring aspiring software developers and i was interested. And that was because there were't all that may opportunities in software engineering in Rwanda but Andela was specifically looking for those talents that needed opportunities and aiming to mold them into world-scale software developers and I WANTED IN.

So i applied for the fellowship program and from there i started learning html and css from scratch, i had a lot of help from friends, and mostly high school classmates who had gained more coding experience than i had. a few weeks later i started learning javascript and later a lot more as well all the while progressing through the application process for these last few months.

During just those months i have learned what i never thought i could learn in a year (although i know this comes as no surprise to developers),and though it has been hard and trying, it has also been fun and interesting, I have come to realize that coders are some of the coolest, most chill people in the world and that is one of the newest, also undermentioned reasons that push me to work as hard as i can to make it into the world of programming.

I still have a long way to go though, but that's what's great about coding, everyone is always learning something new everyday, be it the Zuckerbergs or the me's, everyone is always learning something from each other and that's why i have come to like coding so much. It is not about how much you already know because for all you know, it could be deprecated in a month cause that's just how technology is -fast,but rather it's about how much new things you are willing to learn. It is not that unlikely that the person you admire in programming may learn something new from you even when they are generally more experienced than you are.

Personally, I feel like making an impact in the world by doing what you love and are passionate about is like listening to the perfect playlist for each time, everyday and that is something that drives me to keep giving my all to programming because even though some other factors in my life may conflict with it, i know it's the right path for me.

That was and still is my first year in coding!

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