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Being a developer from home; never work in an office again

Michelle Mannering
Developer Relations | Hackathon Queen | Community Manager
・1 min read

"I wear a suit to look good, not as a daily uniform". Gary Pendergast, one of the WordPress maintainers said this on our recent Open Source Friday live stream.

He says working from home allows you to get more done because you're not commuting and you're not distracted by other things. Check out our full video interview with Gary over on our GitHub YouTube channel. You can also tune into the GitHub Twitch channel live on our Open Source Friday streams.

Open Source Friday is a series bringing you tips and tricks from maintainers. Learn how to get involved in open source and understand what maintainers are looking for. What does it mean to contribute to open source projects, and occasionally some other fun questions... like what we have here; what's it like working from home?

We look forward to having you on our next Open Source Friday stream.

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Michelle Mannering Author

Full recording available here:

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Debugger 333

The audio wasn't coming.

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Michelle Mannering Author

Not coming from where? Remember to un-mute the video in the browser/app.