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Good first issues with dry-rb

Each Friday, we've been hosting Open Source Friday on the GitHub Twitch Channel. We bring in a new maintainer to chat about their project. Recently we spoke to Tim Riley from dry-RB.

Dry-RB is a collection of Ruby libraries. These libraries, or Ruby Gems, help developers write better Ruby code. Tim showed us all the fun facts about the dry-rb Ruby gems.

Since this is Open Source Fridays, Tim talked through the structure of the dry-rb open source project. Tim gives his top tips for organising and maintaining your projects. This is really important when you're looking to attract new contributors.

Speaking of attracting talent, good-first-issues is a great place to start. As always on our Open Source Friday streams, we talked with dry-rb about good-first-issues. If you're a new contributor coming to dry-rb, what can you contribute to? Why are those good-first-issues, well, good? How do they help you get familiar with the project?

Check out the short Twitch clip for some insights.

Tune into GitHub Open Source Friday

If you missed this session, keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the full interview. Don't miss the next exciting Open Source Friday; 2pm AEST, and 9.30am PT. Tune into our GitHub Twitch Channel to watch, interact, and ask questions.

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