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Get involved in Open Source because the Maintainers will help you

Have you wanted to get involved in Open Source but don't know where to start? What about not feeling like you're good enough? Or you think you're in over your head?

Well, I'm here to tell you that's simply not true. Open Source is amazing, and people are here to help. Like going to a hackathon and learning from others, Open Source is designed to learn from others. And I can prove it! Paul Copplestone, the CEO and maintainer of Supabase explicitly calls this out.


He says if you want to be involved in a project, or you want to learn code, "we'll be there to help you". If you want to get involved in any sort of coding open source is a great way to go. Paul says he (and his team) will help you. You want to learn PostGRES? Supabase can help. You want to learn JavaScript? Supabase is there to help.

Supabase aren't the only ones. There are hundreds of Open Source maintainers and contributors here to help you. Pick a project that sounds interesting. Find a language you think you'll like. Then just go for it. The hardest part is starting. But people will be there to help you on your coding journey.

Now is also the best time to get into Open Source. Hacktoberfest is right around the corner. This is your chance to contribute to Open Source and up your developer skills. So what are you waiting for?


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Jérémie Astor

As far as coding is concerned, I have a hard time not doing things by myself, even if I love receiving PRs.
But for this year's hacktoberfest, I decided to create issues for every single thing that could improve my projects, so that others can take the opportunity to contribute open-source. Be sure I'll be here to help!

You can find my projects here