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Do what you're passionate about. Get involved in JS13K, hackathons, and more

We had the pleasure of having Andrzej Mazur from JS13K Games speak on our recent Open Source Friday stream. He had lots of words of wisdom to share. Check out our article with Andrzej on how to get involved in open source and be part of the developer community.

It's really all about just getting involved, jumping in and starting. Whether it's a hackathon like the upcoming Hacktoberfest, open source contributions, learning to code, or landing your dream job it's all about passion. Follow your passions, your desires.

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Sure they won't get you all the way, you need skill as well. But your passion will take you where you need to go. If you're passionate about learning to code, you'll learn. If you want to change the world through open source, then you will.

Don't wait, just start today. And now is the perfect time. There's JS13K games to get involved in, plus get ready for Hacktoberfest! Then there's so many open hacks, tech days, and innovation competitions for you to get involved in. Find a community and just go for it.

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