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It's possible that the windows occupy only a certain area and not all body?

For example, I have an admin template with side menu and I want the windows to occupy only the right area of the system.



Is this what you want to do?


Specify the parent element in JSFrame's initialization parameter.
The next step is to specify the parent element's style as "overflow:hidden" to prevent the window from overflowing from that elements.

Then you might be able to do what you want to do.



Great! I was already going through a parentElement but not the style overflow: hidden.

My parent element does not use the entire window area, there is a sidebar menu with 225px. When maximizing, the window gains all the available width (window.innerWidth), exceeding 225px of the screen (horizontal scroll), so i made a change to the function renderMaximizedMode in WindowEventHelper.js:

if (me.hideFrameBorder) {
    var parentElement = frame.jsFrame.windowManager.parentElement; //Not the best way!!
    if (parentElement ) {
        _toWidth = parentElement.offsetWidth;
        _toHeight = parentElement.offsetHeight + (me.hideTitleBar? from.titleBarHeight: 0);
    else {
        _toWidth = window.innerWidth;
        _toHeight = window.innerHeight + (me.hideTitleBar? from.titleBarHeight: 0);
} else {
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