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Top 10 Codeless Testing Tools 2020 You'd Better Know

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1. Katalon studio

It is the most widely used open-source test automation tool that can be used to test both web and mobile applications. This tool can be used together with Appium and Selenium.

It primarily helps to quickly generate automated tests cross-platform and seamlessly integrates into CI/CD pipeline. Some of its features include an integrated development environment, a base level object repository, object spy and a typical browser plugin, etc.

2. TestCraft

TestCraft was introduced as an end-to-end automation testing platform for regression and continuous testing. Like other codeless testing tools with the Record and Playback feature, the tool also provides a test script with inputs coded beforehand that needs to be customized later.

3. Perfecto

Perfecto is a leading testing platform for web and mobile applications. It is used for hassle-free device testing of mobile apps, and delivers comprehensive mobile test coverage. With respect to web testing, it ensures test execution that is 50% faster and supports a unified web and mobile web testing.

4. TestComplete

It is an automated UI testing tool that helps to create, maintain, and execute functional test cases across the web, desktop, and mobile applications. Also, it offers several test automation capabilities such as scripted testing, keyword testing, data-driven testing, and easily integrates with bug tracking software.

5. Sikuli

Sikuli is a scripting language that can be used to take up automated software testing of graphical user interfaces (GUI) using the screenshot images of the software under test. This tool can be used to check and validate different aspects of applications such as functional testing, security testing and database testing.

6. Mabl

Mabl is considered as one of the simplest SaaS solutions that integrate automated end-to-end testing into the entire software development life cycle due to wide coverage of web browser automation.

This is a unified DevTestOps platform for both Developers and Testers to simply but quickly generate and execute automated functional UI tests at scale. You can write scriptless code by simply fetching data using the user’s recorded actions.

7. Eggplant
It is an AI assisted tool to ensure rapid release of applications. This tool provides developers and testers with software to create, schedule and execute automated testing and debugging tasks on a variety of mobile platforms.

Eggplant meets today’s continuous delivery expectations and provides a scalable platform for test automation. Eggplant can test any technology on any device, OS, or browser or any layer from the UI to APIs to the database.

8. Usetrace

Usetrace is a codeless regression automation testing software that automates cloud-based computers to test applications and websites. These computers automatically repeat the traces of customers' usage using record and playback, drag and drop interface — real-time on most used browsers.

10. Ranorex

Ranorex is one of the most comprehensive GUI test automation frameworks for Desktop (Windows only), Web, and Mobile testing. The tool well supports both newbie and experienced users via its flexible customization capability. Ranorex can be integrated with many technologies such as Silverlight, .NET, Winforms, Java, HTML5, Windows apps, iOS, and Android. However, it does not support macOS, Android web-based, and hybrid testing applications. Also, it only supports C# and VB.NET Shop languages

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