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Hi everyone,

As described in my last article, my Javascript 2D drawing library is in a semi-stable state.

I'm mainly looking for feedback and idea to add features. My primary goal is to make it accessible to any level of skill, I'm interested in opinions from anyone.

If you want to contribute, I'll be really glad. Hit me up with an MP if you're into it.

Peace !


Just curious, but how is Pencil.js different than p5.js?


It's the same goal and it inspire me in the first place. The big difference is in the syntaxe. I love OOP and believe it's very appropriate for drawing.
Secondly, using JS module allow for easy extends and overrides. Pairing with npm modules, you can request only part of the library.
Finally, I hope to add more options and shapes than p5 and let people focus and creativity.


Hello Guillaume...
I would love to contribute in your project, It sounds really interesting.


Please do so !
If you bump into problems, send me an email or raise an issue on github.
Be sure to read the readme and wiki as needed.
You can start by simply giving me general feedback or looking at issues flag as "good first issue".

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