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Hi Angel,

It took me about a year to find my first position and it was in a nearby city (I'd had to take a 1h train). So yeah, don't get discouraged if you have hard time getting that first role. Now, I get recrutement emails all the time.

Here's a few completely personal advices:

  • Your personal site is really good. Simple, clear, that's what you should be aiming for. "Powered by Squarespace" is not showing any skills, but at least you know the plateform.
  • Your Github is a little empty, but at least it's here. Try to double down on informations (add a "" on your favorite projects and maybe a live version to try it out)
  • You're easily findable online (first few results on Google and LinkedIn) keep that presence.
  • Never work for free or really cheap payoff. You are better off working for yourself.
  • Send your resumé absolutely everywhere. Don't look at negative answers (I know it's depressing) just try to find that positive one, it's somewhere out there.

The whole industry if not junior friendly. Once you catch the train it's all good, but it's far from easy.
If you have any questions, hit me up here or over Twitter.

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